3-in-1 Moisturising Detangler 250 ml

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New 3 in 1 multifunctional hair care product suitable for both ‘’Natural hair’’ and ‘’Hair Extensions’’.

Celebrity You™ 3-in-1 Moisturising Detangler is a product packed with moisturising, natural and anti-oxidant ingredients which make it just that little more unique and exceptional.

· Made from Naturally derived ingredients and includes no silicones or parabens which means there will be no product build up on the hair
· It contains three Powerful natural oils; Argan, Coconut and Extra virgin Olive Oil. These are softening and help condition the hair
· It helps detangle hair, keeping it soft, silky and shiny
· When used regularly it will keep virgin hair at the roots soft and tangle free which will mean less hair loss when taking out the extensions/weave.
· It can be used on all hair textures
· It's a great detangler for children's hair
· It's a great detangler for hair, when removing braids or weaves
· It Helps keep hair healthy and strong
· The milky texture shows that it's not just a simple water based spray but is packed with moisturising ingredient...Unlike many hair sprays which are usually just full of water and leave no moisture in the hair

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